21 | 07 | 2024

Going international?


Internationalisation is like running a marathon. Before embarking on it, you start by assessing your own capabilities and the resources, in terms of time and effort that you are willing to commit. Thorough training will enable you to direct your powers during the big day toward successfully finishing the run. Once you do cross the finish line, the payoff will be great as you can look back on the complete process with pride for the rest of your life. Moreover, by going beyond your limits you will find to have gained strength that can be utilised in new situations and contexts to your advantage.

Welcome to OKTIMI Advisors!

We are a specialist corporate advisory based in the close proximity of Düsseldorf, one of Germany’s most vibrant business hubs.

We specialise in helping small- and medium-sized businesses realise opportunities for growth by offering profound, hands-on experience and support in the planning and execution of internationalisation strategies within German-speaking Europe (“DACH”).